Donnelly + Co. was created for a single purpose: to make real estate better.

Pauline A. Donnelly


“We’ve lost something in real estate, an integrity, a simplicity. I’d like to bring it back.”

Ariel Szabo

Sales Agent

“I’m always looking for a new challenge, and real estate is always providing one.”

Christopher Barthelemy

Sales Agent

“Buyers who get nervous are just buyers who aren’t getting enough information from their agents.”

Emily Ingardia

Sales Agent

“A select few agents treat real estate as a personal business. They’re the standouts.”

Erin Loughran

Sales Agent

“I don’t think of myself as a salesperson. I’m just here to help.”

Gabrielle Rundle

Sales Agent

“Real estate means something. It’s personal. It matters to people.”

Jacqueline Cabral

Sales Agent

“Real estate isn’t just buying and selling. It’s about trust and knowledge.”

Jim Souza

Sales Agent

“I think about everything from a property’s location to how the sun hits it all day.”

Liz Alphen

Head of Operations

“I wouldn’t be happy if I wasn’t helping people.”

Leslie Chave

Marketing Specialist

“It’s simple really: I believe in always doing the best for everyone involved.”