Cassandra Check

Marketing Coordinator

Cassandra Check

Sales Agent

About Cassie

Cassie always appreciates a challenge and the prospect of a new beginning. That’s precisely why she got involved in real estate. Starting off in her family’s Rhode Island flower shop, Cassie learned the value of work ethic and customer care from a young age. Following that, she landed a role at a plastic surgeon’s office as the Office Manager, handling high-end clients. However, Cassie really hit her stride when she began her foray into real estate, where she provided support to real estate lawyers. Now, Cassie’s able to provide Donnelly + Co. with support to agents while assisting the core functions of the business. Cassie adores the many directions real estate can take and can’t wait to watch as clients’ dreams are realized.


With a deep love for all things design and a knack for baking, Cassie never misses the beauty in the little details. It’s these things that make her a great fit in her role as Marketing Coordinator.